Goodbye Bute Park, hello Howells Highway

I've written about this subject before but it is worth keeping it in your minds because Bute Park is being carved up under your very noses. Those of you who live in Cardiff will have had some council propaganda through your door over the past day or so. This propaganda is called 'Capital News'. There is a competition called Britain's Best Parks, which until Capital News pointed out in a bilingual way (hands up if you are Welsh speaker but read bilingual signs in english, shame on you) I was completely unaware of. Bute Park was awarded the accolade, Best Park in Wales. The judging panel use the following criteria to form their decisions:

Parks were judged on criteria including environment, design, usability, access, maintenance and community involvement.

Clearly none of the judges walked through there as many foot commuters do, before 9am (myself included). If they had, they would have been battling with hoards of council trucks (which never obey the 5 mph speed limit). This is the reason that Cllr Nigel Howells gives for cutting down trees, and carving a very large and ugly road through the park. Of course, the real reason is because the rapacious and unscrupulous Cardiff Council make a stack of cash from hiring out the ample acreage of  Cooper's Field. I'm glad the judging panel came this year, because there is no chance of the park winning any awards again.

Despite nearly 2000 votes against building this road for the nebulous 'access' that Cllr Howells won't shut up about, the Lottery Heritage fund is still allowing Cardiff Council to have a very generous grant, of over £3 million, and sadly CADW have backed their opposition down. CADW may still be persuaded to oppose the road, because they were told that the access bridge would reflect the woodland setting. The only thing it is likely to reflect is the slip road to a motorway.

There is much more information and positive action being performed by the tireless Green Grandma. Follow her very active and empassioned blog for updates. I particularly enjoyed the video where a thuggish representative Cardiff's police force threaten her with the Terrorism Act for protesting outside City Hall (I was only following orders, Guv).

I was looking at map of the parkland on Open Street Map, when I notice something which might give an indication of another reason for Cllr Howells to be so very keen to drive 2 lane road through the park.

Below is a picture of Bute park with current road (building in progress) marked in blue (by me, rather sloppily, sorry)

This next picture is what may have been going through the minds of the councillors in charge of Culture, Leisure and Parks (with Mr Howells is the execute member, what a lot of paperclips he must shuffle).

Now, wouldn't that road be handy for cross town traffic. Largest uninterupted park in northern Europe, lets see about that. Welcome to the Howells Highway, transporting you from Corbett Rd to Sophia Close in under 2 minutes; wave at the daffodils from the comfort of your air-conditioned multi-purpose vehicle.

I would like to stress that the second image is only an artists impression. I have not verified whether Cllr Howells could actually identify Bute Park on a map of Cardiff.