About me and this blog

My name is Edward Gomez and I’m an astronomer.

What I do during the day

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Outside work

I’m a huge fan of Early Music (think ‘ancient’ not ‘before 6am’). Until 2014 I was a proud member of Welsh Camerata - who enjoy singing Early Music in South Wales, under the effervescant direction of Andrew Wilson-Dickson. I also play the oboe, piano and try very hard not to make the lute sound too awful.

I’m Welsh and am currently trying to learn to speak welsh, having spent 37 years in Wales and only have an embarressing smattering of words. A big motivation behind this is being able to talk to people in Welsh. In particular I would like to be able to talk to primary school kids about astronomy in Welsh.

My beautiful wife, Haley Gomez, is a professor of astrophysics. Have a look at her research website to find out about her work into the origin of Cosmic Dust.

Dark Matter Sheep

In 2008, ready for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009, I was making a video podcast series, Teapots from Space (see post Teapots from Space: the final abduction. One episode was about cosmology and the other scary things in the Universe. The name of the episode was going to be - Do cosmologists dream of dark matter sheep? to parody the Philip K. Dick novel, Do androids dream of electric sheep? (which was made into the, in some ways disappointing, film Blade Runner). However the cosmologist who was going to feature in it didn’t like the reference to sheep, so we dropped the title. Even worse than that none of the interview was usable because the microphone we used had a fault and the sound came out garbled.

I liked the title so much I started this blog under the moniker Dark Matter Sheep soon afterwards.