3G reception in Cardiff: The result

I went for a little shopping trip into the Cardiff city centre equipt with 2 mobile phones, each 3G enabled, one with an Orange SIM and the other with an O2 SIM, and a very patient wife. I hate going shopping normally, so it was very pleasant to be able to perform an experiment while making approving nods at pairs of purple shoes. Following on from my earlier post here is the result of my experiment.

Have a look at the map below. The testing points are marked with a green pin, where there was 3G signal for an operator you will see a little brand marker.

View 3G reception in Cardiff in a larger map

I probably got some very funny looks from people on the bus while I was checking 2 phones, but then most people on the bus can't help but give funny looks, they were born that way. My wife tutted every time I got the phone out but she saw the scientific justification for the experiment.

The most noticable thing was that the O2 signal drops out with such regularity. There are less than half the number of pins for O2 than for Orange. Orange's signal was by far the most versatile. I will admit that the Orange reception in my house is not great but that is a small victory for O2, since I mostly don't use my phone in the house.

As part of the experiment I deliberately lost my umbrella in a shop and had to ask several attractive shop assistants if they had seen it. None of them had, but they were all very helpful. This has not influenced the results.

My conclusion is, if you are thinking about which operator to get and iPhone (or any phone that you want to use with 3G) don't bother with O2, Orange have much better coverage.