A day in the life of a short film

Making a video is like a Cadbury’s Double Decker; there is a period of time beyond which I forget how much I dislike it and have a crack at another one. In the case of a Double Decker it’s the idea of nougaty chocolate that lures me in (see The Double Decker Effect). With videos I rather like the idea of being creative; directing, shooting, editing,writing and sometimes starring in the videos is quite exciting. The endless hours of editing and reshooting, frying your camera because you used the wrong (but irritating identical looking) power supply, and back-chat from people being videoed, make me wish I had never started down the film making path.

Unlike with a Double Decker, the end product of all video faffing usually feels satisfyingly worthwhile.

You can have a look at some of my past videos from the Teapots from Space series with the links to the right. My favourite is “How to spot Astronomers”.

To earn my keep ( and honorary lecturer position) in Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy, I promised to make an video advert starring Harriet, one of our 3rd year students. It incorporates some of the time-lapses I've been playing with. Have a look and let me know what you think. There has already been talk of more!

Day in the life of a Cardiff student. Have a look at my other videos on Vimeo.