Cardiff Bay cycle route

As residents of Cardiff, me and the wife love cycling to Cardiff Bay at the weekend. The route we choose is mostly alongside the River Taff, on a route called the Taff Trail which runs from Brecon all the way down to Cardiff Bay (and the mouth of the river). We've only ever done the bit between Cardiff and Castell Coch which is about 1/6 of the total route, but the round trip is an easy 10 miles for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm not entirely sure our little Bromptons (the kings of the folding bike world) would cope with the rougher terrain further north.

A few years ago I signed a petition for Sustrans (short for Sustainable Transport - a great organization that promotes the use of bikes) to get a bundle of lottery money to extend some cycle routes. I remember one of them was a bridge over the river Ely (a small less popular river which along with the Taff, feed Cardiff Bay and the Severn Estuary). It looks like after all this time the bridge is complete and last Sunday we thought we'd have a cycle across it from Cardiff to Penarth and back over the Cardiff Bay barrage into the Bay proper.

The image is kindly provided by Open Cycle Map (if you want to find a cycle route anywhere in Europe, this is your first port of call - it is truly amazing!). I've added a blue dashed line to extend the other cycle paths (grey dashed).

Its a very easy cycle about 6 or 7 miles if you do the round trip from town and you don't have a big lunch (or there isn't a match on in the Millennium Stadium).

A couple of hints: