Doctor Who Gender Breakdown

I’m a big Doctor Who fan. I have been since it had crappy effects but gripping stories, in the 1980’s. I want to identify with the main character, The Doctor, and big factor in that is how he treats others. Various regenerations have been condescending or arrogant, but he is a fundamentally good person. I particularly like how The Doctor promotes solving problems and resolving conflicts, non-violently, is unafraid of being clever, and celebrates the things that makes people different (currently the real World seems to be doing the opposite).

Since the next w regeneration of The Doctor is female (Jodie Whittaker) and awesome, I was interested to see how the show runners, script writers, and casting directors saw the gender breakdown of the characters in Doctor Who. So I went through the credits of each episode, identified each character and the actor who played them, and categorised their gender, as follows:

Have a look at the Doctor Who Gender Breakdown for yourself. Here some of my thoughts.

Initial thoughts

Russell T Davies years (2005-2008)

Steven Moffat years (2008-2017)


Only 22 episodes had more female than male characters, with a further 5 having a balanced cast, out of a total of 142 episodes.

These figures although far from equal, are not the worst amongst sci-fi TV series and films. I had hoped that for a TV series which has endured so long and has so many progressive, diverse and inclusive story lines that this balance would be more equal. Maybe Chris Chibnall will redress this when he takes over from Steven Moffat in 2018.