Tea twix tube

This is a quick blog response to Amanda (famous for her Astropixie blog). She is currently observing at the AAT (Anglo-Australian Telescope) and because the weather is exceedingly inclement, they are spending the long, starless nights doing Tim Tam Slams. While I was a PhD student I became a little bit obsessed with doing Tea-twix-tubes or twix-straws. The idea is similar. Jon and I thought we'd show you how it's done.

First, take your scrumptious Twix finger

Next bite the ends of it (you can see me having a good old chew in the picture). This is essential to getting a good draw of tea through the body of the twix finger. Use the moments after you have bitten the ends of your twix off to go and make a nice hot cuppa, or you might be tempted to gobble the rest of the finger straight off. Don't try this with coffee and definitely not hot chocolate (unless you want to be bouncing off the walls like a toddler on Haribo). Tea works best. We are British you know.

Dip the end of your twix into the tea and suck quite hard. Don't be put off by the twix getting a little soggy. You will taste tea through the twix, so if you have really hot tea, its best to put your twix in the fridge for a little bit so you scold your tongue.

Its so delicious you won't want to stop.

When the chocolate is starting to melt its best to abandon your new straw and munch away at it. You'll find it is slightly slimy but utterly delicious! Fortunately a twix is more substantial than a Tim-tam so there is little danger of having to fish the soggy remains out of your cup.

Liven up any cup of tea with a Twix Straw!