The story of Bute Park and the money grabbing council

Wednesday 15th October 2008 will go down in the annals of Cardiff's history as the day that the city's council voted to destroy Europe's largest traffic free park.

In case you were worried the history had been lost, the Normal Keep of this Mot and Bailey structure is still well preserved. The park was the grounds of the castle, and used to house a monastery (the ruins of which can still be seen if you peek carefully around the favourite summer haunt of the infamous ice-cream van.

Enjoy the park while you can; the planning committee have now opened the flood-gates to articulated lorries to run through the once tranquil haven. Their short-sighted plans (funded by the Lottery Heritage and people of Cardiff) drive a new road through the park, complete with traffic lights - because as we all know 'traffic lights make pedestrians safer'. No! Less traffic makes pedestrians safer.

These brainless bureaucrats have clearly forgotten that this is a park. They state that the plant nursery needs access by lorries, but the main reason is that it will allow Coopers field (the largest field in the park) to be used by even more events.

Do the people of Cardiff want more events in the park? I would have thought the odd weekend event in the Summer would be acceptable. Has the park groaned with an inability to accommodate these event thus far in its history? No.

The reason is simple: more park events = more money in the council coffers

Cllr Nigel Howells (head of the parks committee) must dream of pound signs, because he certainly cares little for the preservation of the park which is owned and maintained for the people of Cardiff. Perhaps when the park is heaving with cars, lorries and articulated lorries during fine weather, the people of Cardiff should take a deck-chair to the gardens of the councillors who support this destruction.

Enjoy the park while you can, next year there will no doubt be a trendy bar, cinema multiplex, casino and drunken fights in the flower beds.

Anyone for frisbee?