Utter chaos at the Ball

April  23, 2010. Its time for the Cardiff University, Physics and Astronomy annual staff-student ball. An event which is usually so sober that you could dip several methodists in it and they would come out smiling. It is a tradition at mass catering events that the food be either tasteless and and very salty or luke warm, or if you pay extra, it is both. This year was an exception. The food was good quality and hot. The wine was flowing and of reasonable quality. The company excellent - I spent rather a lot of time comparing 12 note blues to baroque continuo, with Peter Coles - which is always fun. In fact, it was so civilized, I was quite surprised that students were involved at all. It might have been down to the very generous cocktails provided by Pete Hargrave, beforehand. You know me, I'd do anything for a mojito!

The lovely thing about such and occasion is seeing students that I taught years ago, who are now successful at wide variety of things: teaching, BAE systems, medical physics, nuclear power.  I don't claim any credit for their success, but it is heart-warming to know that they are doing something they enjoy with their physics degree.

I also saw several students profess undying appreciation for more than one lecturer. Its nice to be appreciated, especially when you are all dressed up.

Sadly I did not do any dancing despite having several offers. I quite like a dance, but I don't really think they knew what they were letting themselves in for. B- must try harder.

I took some pictures to give you a flavour of the night.

Interloping Canadians stealing professorial ice-cream. Well, fucj you!

A cheeky photo of me and a professor. Neither of us looking our best, but at least I had tied my own bow tie. Soon after that photo, several people felt my bum, for which I think there should have been substantial remuneration.

If you didn't go, shame on you. The Mercure Holland House did 130 of us proud. There was a very meagre turn out from the staff, but I like to think it was quality and not quantity.